Photoshoot Collaboration


A series of photographs in which designer, photographer, model and makeup artist come together in collaboration.

My innovative garments featured in a collaborative project in which model Verity experimented and interacted with the pieces to create bold statement images. Makeup artist Maddy Fearn was inspired by bold coloured light highlighting the face at different angles and used strong fuchsia creme pigment to create an exciting effect. The photographer Karen Hancock used lighting to create shadows enhancing the sculptural effect of the garments. The result is both imaginative and intriguing.

Photography: Karen Hancock
Make-up & Hair: Maddy Fearn
Model: Verity Anderson
Artwork: Laurie Griffiths

Exploring the Void


Is the Void really empty?

A series of photographs were taken of garments from my “Start at the End” collection viewing them from another perspective and exploring the Japanese concept of “Ma” which can be loosely translated as “gap” or “pause”.

The model experimented with ways of stretching her limbs and head in different openings in the garments, which were created by the construction process. In this context the empty space can be as exciting and as much a place for exploration as filled space.

I wanted to question the static nature of a garment and the perception that is to only be worn one way. In examining the way in which a garment takes its form from the human body and how movement brings it to life I have a greater understanding of the relationship between the two.


Photoshoot organized by Stylist Claire Wacey at Southbank, London


It is always interesting when someone else styles my work because sometimes they see it from a different perspective to me.  I was inspired by the photos in which the models wore skin-tight body suits underneath my twisted strip dresses because it emphases the open and structural nature of the pieces.  It has given me many ideas with layering for my next collection.

Photography by Jarka Snajberkova

Styling Claire Wacey

Make up Tara Mears

Models Alice French and Goda from Cosmic Model Agency.